A study shown in “WCP magazine” by author Chris Hogan, IBWA’s Vice President of Communications, stated, “There are many reasons for consumer enthusiasm for bottled water, including its association with healthfulness, convenience, safety and value”. (Hogan 26) The article further stated, “Many consumers choose bottled water for its superior taste.” (Hogan 26)  Drinking bottled water promotes a healthy attitude about what consumers drink. Bottled water now out sells other beverages like sodas and coffee. “BMC Michael Bellas predicts bottled water could overtake soda as America’s most popular packaged beverage within the next decade.” (Hogan 26)

Consuming water from plastic bottles can pose as a health hazards. “We are not told details of the mineral composition, which determines the actual taste. All we know is what we’re told on the label, and what we’re told on the label in the United States in minimal and misleading.” (Gleick 53) You might be left questioning what the components are because “When water comes from a municipal water supply, which is increasingly the case, the bottler does not have to state which one, or describe whether or not the water goes through additional processing”. (Gleick 56) “In some cases, the group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, said samples of bottled water contained bacteria or chemicals in levels that were considered unsafe” (Tapped 46:41) because they might cause cancer, obesity or other illnesses.

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Blog by Lily Norenberg

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