In 2008 when testing 10 different brands of bottled water 38 contaminants were found.

You are getting less than pure water because almost half of the water you’re drinking is just regular tap water.

Theses bottles are not only pone to have more contaminants than the purified water from our systems, but 75% of them to end up in landfills.The question is, why are you paying high prices for drinking water that is the same or in some cases worse than your tap water and is not good for our environment?  

Did you know that Americans alone spent 10.6 billion dollars on bottled water? Making that water cost 1,000 times more on average than your ordinary tap water.

Yet another reason why switching to a point of use water machine is more efficient.

Here at Scott Pure Water we strive to provide you with products to not only enhance your health, but also improve the environment we live in.

(Information obtained from Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine, September 2013 issue)