Most bottled water companies offer a choice between a bottle-less water cooler and a bottled water cooler. Sometimes they even display the pros and cons of the two products.

From these pros and cons you can easily see that their bottle-less water cooler has far more advantages than bottled water. Some bottled water companies also provide water softeners and advertise that they have two environmentally friendly options. However, when it comes to drinking water they offer two kinds of coolers though only one is environmentally friendly. Why would you offer one product that is and one that is not green? Especially when drinking water is essential for life to exist. With a polluted planet, life is not an option. Scott Pure Water is built upon high quality products that all have the same advantages. Because of this, Scott Pure Water stands behind their products. As a company their mission is to provide healthy, clean and environmentally friendly products. When Scott Pure Water says they are a green company they are because they do not offer Bottled Water. They do not offer bottled water because it would defeat the purpose of going green.  When looking for quality drinking water you have to be aware of the double-mindedness of companies and focus on companies with; one main product; one main purpose; one main mission.