A shocking 73% Voted Yes to banning the bottle and only 27%voted No according to one website. Some of the voters that opposed banning bottled water brought up the following points:

  •  I oppose the banning of bottled water because it has its place as a convenient source of ready to go water.

There is that advantage but it can easily be replaced with glass bottled water or reusable drinking bottles. Nonetheless even these solutions would not be economical for a business place. Why not upgrade to a point of use purification unit supplied by Scott Pure Water where you can get purified water at the touch of a button!

  •  Plastic is recyclable and shouldn’t be banned as a source to supply water.

While this may appear to be true, on the outside now that bottles are becoming 100% recyclable. However on the inside one person stated, “Water bottles are almost all recyclable, and yet most of them are never recycled. Instead of messing with bottles why not try a BOTTLE LESS point of use purification unit supplied by Scott Pure Water. With this unit, you don’t need to worry about refilling, reusing, or recycling bottles.

  •  Banning the bottle hurts those who cannot trust the tap

 The truth is, some bottled water is the same if not worse than your tap! Instead of being frightful of your tap, you should be cautious of your bottled water. Tap water may be cleaner than bottled water though you should not settled for anything but the best. Why not hook your water lines up to a point of use purification unit supplied by Scott Pure Water? By doing so, you can get the purified drinking water you deserve.

By Switching to an efficient Point-of-use system you can support our fight to become more of a bottle-less nation.